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BD5460 class D amplifier IC

BD5460 class D amplifier ICBD5460 is a low power Class D amplifier that can be acclimated in low ability applications like handheld audio devices. BD5460 does not crave an LC clarify at the apostle achievement and can be apprenticed application a battery, The standby accepted of BA5460 is about aught and there is no about-face ON / OFF clicks. The BD5460 can bear 0.8 watts into an 8 ohm apostle at 3.6 V accumulation voltage. The ability accumulation voltage ambit is from 2.5 to 6.5 V DC. The IC has a congenital standby function, abbreviate ambit protection, thermal abeyance and beneath voltage lockout.

Two chic D amplifier circuits application BD5460 are apparent below. The aboriginal one is a cogwheel ascribe chic D amplifier while the additional one is a individual concluded ascribe chic D amplifier. The 0.1uF capacitors (C1, C2, C3 and C4) are ascribe DC decoupling capacitors. The lower cut off abundance of the amplifier depends on these capacitors. 10uF capacitors (C5 and C6) are the ability accumulation filters. S1 and S2 are the abeyance switches. Abutting the C1 pin to the top argumentation will accomplish the IC alive and abutting the C1 pin to arena will put the Ic into abeyance mode.


  • The power supply voltage can be between 2.5 to 6.5V DC.
  • For the circuit shown here, the supply voltage must be 3.6 V DC.
  • Powering the circuit from a battery is the better option because it reduces noise.
  • If you are using a DC power supply, then it must be well regulated and filtered.
  • Audio inputs have to be connected with respect to the ground.

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FM Transmitter with two Transistor

FM Transmitter with two TransistorA lot of FM transmitter circuits accept been already appear here. This just addition one, a simple two transistor FM transmitter. The aboriginal date of the circuit is a preamplifier date based on transistor Q1. This is a beneficiary to abject biased amplifier date area resistor R2 sets the beneficiary accepted and R1 provided the all-important beneficiary to abject bias. C1 is the ascribe DC decoupling capacitor which couples the ascribe audio arresting to the Q1 base. C8 is the ability accumulation by-pass capacitor.

Next date is the oscillator cum modulator date congenital about transistor Q2. Electrolytic capacitor C2 couples the achievement of the aboriginal date to the additional stage. R3 and R4 are the biasing resistors of Q2. R5 is the emitter resistor of Q2. Inductor L1 and trimmer capacitor C5 forms the catchbasin ambit which is all-important for creating oscillations. The articulate FM arresting is accessible at the beneficiary of Q2 and it is accompanying to the antenna application capacitor C9.

  • The circuit can be powered from anything between 6 to 12V DC.
  • Using battery for powering the circuit will improve the performance and reduce noise.
  • A 9V PP3 battery is a good option.
  • If you are going with a battery eliminator, then it must be well filtered and regulated.
  • Trimmer C5 can be used for adjusting the transmission frequency.
  • Antenna can be a 1m copper wire.
  • L1 can be constructed my making 4 turns of 1mm enameled copper wire on a 10mm diameter plastic former.
  • Trimmer capacitor C6 can be adjusted for obtaining the maximum range.
  • Most of the components required for this circuit can be procured from your junk box.
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NE 555 Water Level Alarm Circuit

NE 555 Water Level Alarm CircuitHere is a simple water level alarm circuit that will produce an audible alarm when the water level reaches a preset level.The circuit can be powered of a 3V battery and is very handy to use.

The circuit is based on an astable multivibrator active about IC1 (NE 555). The operating abundance of the astable multivibrator actuality will depend on capacitor C1, resistances R1,R2 and the attrition beyond the probes A&B.When there is no baptize up to the probes,they will be accessible and so the multivibrator will not aftermath oscillations and the buzzer will not beep.

When there is baptize up to the akin of probes, some accepted will canyon through the water,the ambit will be bankrupt to some extend,and the IC will alpha bearing oscillations in a abundance proportional to the amount of C1,R1,R2 and the attrition of baptize beyond the probes. The buzzer will beep to announce the attendance of baptize up to the akin of the analysis probes.
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NE555 Voltage doubler circuit

NE555 Voltage doubler circuitThe circuit diagram of a absolute simple voltage doubler application NE555 timer is apparent here. Actuality IC NE555 is active as an astable mutivibrator operating at about 9KHz. The abject of the two transistors (Q1 and Q2) is shorted and achievement of the astable multivibrator (pin 3) is affiliated to it.

When the achievement of astable multivibrator is low, Q1 will be OFF and Q2 will be ON. The abrogating terminal of the capacitor C3 will be shorted to arena through T2 and it will be answerable to the ascribe accumulation voltage. When the achievement of the astable multi vibrator is high, transistor Q1 will be ON and transistor Q2 will be OFF. The capacitor C4 will be answerable to the voltage beyond capacitor C3 additional the ascribe accumulation voltage. This is how the circuit works.

This voltage doubler circuit can bear alone up to 50mA achievement accepted and aloft that accepted absolute the achievement voltage will be badly reduced. The absolute achievement voltage will be about 19V for a 12V DC ascribe and aswell the achievement voltage will be a bit unstable. Anyway, for low accepted applications this circuit is able-bodied enough.
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12Volt from USB port Using LT1618

Using this circuit we can catechumen 5V DC from the computer USB anchorage to 12V DC and a circuit like this will acquisition a lot of appliance in USB powered systems. The affection of this circuit is IC LT1618 which is a connected current, connected voltage addition converter. The IC has a advanced ascribe voltage ambit of 1.8 to 18V DC and achievement voltage can be up to 35V DC. 

In the circuit resistors R1, R2 sets the achievement voltage. Pin amount 9 is the abeyance pin, beneath than 0.3V to this pin will shut down the IC. Pin amount four is the accepted faculty acclimatize pin. The accepted faculty voltage can be bargain by applying a DC voltage to this pin. If this acclimation is not bare affix this pin to arena and you can omit apparatus R3, R5 and Q1.
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